Using Stepper Motors with Arduino Mega


I am doing a project which i need to lift and then lower approximately a 10 Kg object. I think that i should have 4 stepper motors and connect them to an arduino mega.

I know that i should use the A4988 Driver and a cnc shield for all stepper motors.
But i have no idea about the voltage or the connections

I am pretty new to this topic and i would like to get help completing the project.

Why do you think you need 4 stepper motors? How do you intend to attach them to the object? How fast do you need to raise and lower the object? What distances? How much control do you need for both speed and distance?

I built this several years ago to raise and lower a 40 pound solder pot and uses only a 12 volt storage battery, 4 relays, a reversible motor, and a control.
Can you add a drawing of your project?

Well we are lifting a rectangular shape that weighs 13 kg to a distance of 4 ft and then lowering it also. The motors will be on top of a "roof" with belts connecting to the shaft of the motor all the way down to the shape. Speed control is not important as much as us just controlling the basic things like direction and it actually working :slight_smile:

Also, do you think your reversibile motor will be good for this application? and how many would we need for it to lift. Thank you paul for your response :slight_smile:

With regards to the current, we plan on using this stepper motor

Should we use heat sinks with the drivers?

With the current coil limits, do u mean when we rotate the cnc shield with a screw and measure the voltage? I saw it in a video while researching :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying to me.

You need heat sinks and force air (fan) cooling if you want to run the motors at 1.5A with quality A4988 drivers. With Chinese drivers, I don't think that I would go that high with the current.

This Pololu page for the A4988 has the procedure for adjusting the coil current. You must be careful to use the right value for the sense resistors in the formula to calculate the Vref to be set. The Pololu page shows how to identify the resistors. Pololu boards use 0.05Ω or 0.068Ω resistors. Chinese boards can use different values. Some of mine use 0.100Ω (marked R100).

JUST ONE MOTOR. Build a solid frame the dimensions of the object. Connect all 4 corners of the frame to a central point and your lifting cable to that central point. Then use whatever you need to raise the single cable.
The crane I built uses 1/16 inch steel cable and is rated at 90 pounds. The motor I used has a worm gear speed reduced and then to chain sprockets and chain to the actual winch drum. The cable is wound on the drum.

Mr Paul if you can be so kind as to send me the link to this motor. It would be really helpful. If not, kindly give me the name of your motor

The crane I built was sold two years ago when I closed the company. The motor was from Ebay and was a motor and gear box from a powered slide-out room from an RV or travel trailer. If you want to go with such a motor and worm gear you will have find either a new one or similar used one somewhere.
You can search Ebay and other sites as well as I can.

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