Using strain measurements to turn on an LED


I have a project I would like to work on, and I was wondering if using an Arduino Uno for it is feasible.

I have a strain gauge on a deformable sample. I will be connecting this strain gauge to a P3 Strain Indicator. This converts voltages sent from the strain indicator to strain readings. I want to then connect this somehow to an LED with some conditional formatting so that the LED will turn on when a certain range of strains has been read. This is where I am confused as to how to proceed. I have access to an Arduino Uno and LabView software. I have been brainstorming with some of my partners, but we are unsure if our ideas for the layout of the project are feasible. Please see attached images.

I see your "Strain indicator" is capable to provide a 0-2.5V analog output, that is sufficient to be read in by an analog input pin on arduino,

So no Labview or other PC program in between is needed as long is a certain way to produce a determined, unequivocal relation between strain applied and the analog output.

Here is quite popular the HX711 strain gauge amplifier, it's certainly more compact and cheaper and more precise than arduino's analog input and it can replace the "Strain indicator" instrument in your scheme.