Using switch for delay

I want the arduino 13th pin led on for 10 seconds and then off when switch is on... when switch is off and on again then only 13th pin led on for 10 seconds and then off


I am New to arduino programming how to do that in all examples they use pushbutton..

A pushbutton is a switch.

I want to control it with continuous signal not short signal... only on rising edge.. I tried interrupts also but I can't achieve 10 seconds delay in interrupt

Why do you think you need an interrupt?

Because I want to blow the led on only for 10 seconds only when rising edge of continuous signal is detected . For rising edge detection I need interrupt

No, you don't. You need to look at the state change example in the IDE.

Thank u sir I will refer

Thank u sir I referred state change detection and make some changes program works perfectly for my application.. Thank u very much for your help and support