Using TCRT5000 to trigger fans

My project involves two TCRT5000. When the first one is triggered (aka the value of the analog reading is over 1000), it will start a fan. The fan will run until the second TCRT5000 is triggered and RELEASED, meaning it will gain a value over 1000 then below 1000 to make the fan stop.

I have two setups like this and I want them both to run independently off of the same arduino. How would I go about doing this!? I don't even know where to start.

do you have a schematic to wire them to your arduino? start there.

ACTUALLY, I want the threshold to be set to when it detects a value UNDER 880. But here's a schematic:

EDIT: I don't know why it shows that the Output wires are connected to the LED. Discard that. It's connected straight to the A0 and A1 pins on the arduino.

You want the analogue inputs connected to the photo transistor, if that is what it is because the symbol is for a photo diode wired up the wrong way round.
Why post a crap diagram anyway?

No need to be harsh, I'm not that experienced in making circuit diagrams. I figured it was the symbol for a phototransistor. But yeah that's what it's supposed to be.