Using TFT Display for the first time

Hi guys,

I am currently working on a project to automate a set of blinds. I have set up the blinds themselves to work with a stepper motor, and have written code to change the blinds position based on an LDR.
Now i want to make several 'modes' for the blinds, like having them on a timer, or taking an average over a couple of minutes. I'm fairly sure i can write the code for these modes, however, i want to use a touchscreen to change the modes, like having the screen separated into 4 sections, one for each mode.
However, i am fairly new to coding, and have absolutely no idea where to start.
Can anyone offer any advice please? What are some good guides for me to look at, does anyone have any experience doing similar things? Is it even feasible?
I apologise if this sounds stupid, or has already been asked somewhere else, but i am quite new to all of this.
If i have missed anything out, please ask and i will try to answer as best as i can.

Thank you,

Google "arduino tft touch screen tutorial" for some tutorials that might get you started.

What particular TFT screen do you have?

Your best start is in the examples that come with the library that matches whatever display you have.