Using TFT touch screen display with industrial 101

Hello All,

I am trying to use a tft touch screen display with my industrial 101. I have used it with UNO R3 and it works perfectly. Unfortunately it uses all 8 digital pins and 5 analog pins which is not available on the industrial 101.

Has anyone used something with large io requirements with ind-101?

I saw that there's the dogOLED support pins but I don't understand what it is for and if there is some way I could use these pins!

Is there a way to use these pins?

Is there a way to use these pins?

Not really. These pins are a I2C interface and one reset line that connect to port PD4 of the ATmega32U4. You probably better choose another type of Arduino for your project.

Thanks for the reply.

Well, my project involves reading a udp port for data and then displaying it on the screen for interfacing. I thought this arduino was perfect for the application. Maybe I can try to give yun a go or use a serial to parallel converter.

Any other ideas how I can go about it?

A Yun is probably a good choice or just use the OLED that is made for the industrial 101.