using the arduino as isp

Im making a tinyisp and need to upload a hex with my arduino as isp could someone walk me thru this eveything i find is bit dated on how to do this.

You could provide more detailed info first. Which chip, resp. schematics at least. Since I have no experience with ATtiny specifically, I don't think it is too complicated. You need 6 wires connected consistently for ISP programming and one avrdude command. Just go ahead and ask in case of any problem. For the first try, you can use avrdude just -v without any write to check if everything is connected correctly. Bad wiring is the most frequent problem here on forum.

I just needed to load a hex I got it figured out the problem was avrdude was using 19200 and the com port to the arduino wasn't set the same. And I downloaded this which let's you use avrdude a whole lot easier.

I'm making a tinyisp you have to load the hex was no problems loading from arduino ide the problem was this hex was not made with the ide it's from adafruit made with avrstudio. avrdude wasn't setting the serial port right it was using 19200 guess it can't auto set the port like the ide does.

Aaah, yes I saw this tool but I don't think it is really useful. :) Don't worry of cmd but it is up to you. You can program also via Arduino IDE. Baudrate is absolutely not a problem. Just -b19200 option has to be added into command. Slower speed in result. Yes, the ArduinoISP sketch has some 'indication on LEDs' feature which is absolutely useless. Un-commenting this part of code you can go faster ~38400. Here is an example for command for the test I was writing above: avrdude -pATtinyXXX -cArduino -b19200 -P/dev/ttyUSBn -v You must replace red text with your. The USB port can be found via dmesg | grep ttyUSB. Of course you chave to have set the rights for the avrdude or run it as root, and path to the config file or specify it in the -C option but probably you have.

Well I got the USBatinyisp up and going works great just used it to upload to atiny84a worked really well. The Usbatinyisp was what I needed the hex in.