using the arduino to display stuff on the computer

Hey Is there a way i can take the serial information that is sent to the computer from the arduino and have a program that can use that that data. For example just some program that takes that data and represent a graph of it, or one that takes 2 POT and do something like an Etch A Sketch, or one that uses digital input buttons and make a square on the screen move.

if any buddy could help me ill be great full.

thanks a head

There are some guides here that explain how to use the Processing language to communicate with the Arduino - (section four). One of them is specifically for graphing data sent from the Arduino.

If you don't want to use Processing, it's as simple as writing a program that reads data from the serial port. Aside from that the program wouldn't need to be any different than if it was getting its input from the keyboard or any other input device.

it may sound stupid but i dont know where to start in writing a program that reads from the serial port

firecgun: it may sound stupid but i dont know where to start in writing a program that reads from the serial port

You have to pick a language to use on your computer. Processing is good as it is free and runs on all platforms. Then in that language you initialise the serial port, then look to see if it contains any data. When it does you read the data and do something with it.

It's also very easy to communicate with the serial port in Java, and it's fairly simple to draw things to the screen as well. Really, you'll get hits if you search for "any language" + "serial port" , so if you're already familiar with a language I would just use that.

i am familiar with java. i try first thing in the morning(its 1:40 am here) to connect my arduino to java eclipse.

thank you very much for your help

I thought that Eclipse was a programming environment not one that could be a program to draw stuff in windows on a computer.

If you are thinking of Java try JRuby - it makes Java simple.


After a little research i think that the best thing for me is to use processing. YaY me, learning a new language is the best!!!

thanks every one for you help

learning a new language is the best

Well Java is implemented in C so the two are very close that it is not like learning a new language but just using different calls from a familiar one.