using the arduino yun as router

I have a situation with my arduino yun
I want to use the arduino as a router - the arduino is connected between 2 networks - via wifi - via eth

the main network is its router (the main router) is a dhcp server and the wifi gets its ip dynamically.
the is only connected to a computer. both the arduino eth and the computer's ip have static ip.

the problem is sending ping from the computer (which is connected to the yun via eth) to the main router.
I'm able to send ping from the computer to the yun (both to the eth and wifi).

i tried some articles like from such as:
"Bridged Client"
"Routed Client with relayd"
"Routed Client"

but they don't seem to work for me.

thank you

I haven't tried it,, but you may be able to use iptables to forward packets between the 2 ip addresses.
it would require a forward rule (2), one for each direction.

Hope this helps.

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Did you try the solution that Federico Fissore gave to you?