Using the ATtiny20 with a nRF24L01 transciever

I am rather new to microcontrollers but have gotten the start of a sensor network going with the Arduino pro micro and Arduino uno. I have been using the nRF24L01 transceiver for communications and was trying to find a cheaper smaller and less power hungry solution for my microcontroller. I came across the ATtiny20 and thought I would ask anyone with more experience than I for some advice. It seems to me that the ATtiny20 should work because its specs include SPI support, but alas I really have no idea. I was also going to ask about I2C support along with the SPI, I was really hoping to use an I2C run sensor and transmit its data with the nRF24L01.

Thank you for your time and any help you can offer.

I think it should work without any problem I have an nRF24 working with an Attiny84 and it looks like the -20 has more features.

I have not used I2C but I wonder if the reference in the datasheet to "Slave TWI serial interface" is relevant?

I don't know if anyone has produced the "stuff" that is required to program an Attiny20 with the Arduino IDE.