using the bootcloner sketch.

Hello all,

after reading the tutorial at i am still not shure where the original data is coming from. is it copied from the source atmega chip, or embedded in the bootcloner code.

my hesitation to use the code is that i have a atmega168, not a atmega8 as the source arduino. before trying to do the impossible i would like to know if someone has done it with a atmega168, on a diecemilla.

From what I understand, you have to take the .hex file of the bootloader you want to clone, strip out the redundant parts and insert it into the bootcloner sketch. I vaguely remember some sort of program or script mentioned. So the original information is "manually" inserted into the bootcloner sketch. It doesn't/can't just read it's own bootloader.

Sorry I haven't done this on a newer board. The good news is that Amp;username=Amp is still around and might respond if you PM'd him directly.

It sounds af if you actually did what he desribes. did you get the ihex code to run? i’m on mac os 10.4 ppc and build the code with

gcc -o ihex ihex.c

but if i use the terminal and type

./ihex /path/to/arduino/bootloader.hex

nothing appears??

is this code complete or are we looking at typical linux we-only-give-you-a-hint-code. :slight_smile: