Using the DAC outputs on an Arduino Due

Hi everyone!

I am using the Arduino Due.

I have a touchscreen from 4D that is wired into the Due via a shield that came with it. I have two sliders on the screen and when I move a slider to control the output, the range won't go down to zero or up to 3.3V. DAC0 and DAC1, as of right now, range from 0.5 to 2.77V. Is it possible to get it from 0-3.3V?

Does anyone have any insight on what could be causing this?


Thickness of your fingers?

Yes, the DAC output range is limited and can't go all the way to 0V or 3.3V. This post has some info:,129765.0.html

Thanks. That helps.

It's possible but you need to use an interface with Opertional Amplifiers (for example the 741).