Using the DS3234 chip, instead of the B.O.B.

Going by the schematic of Sparkfun's BOB for the DS3234, they have a resistor and cap that I'm wondering about. I won't need this INT pin, so according to what I've highlight here from the data sheet, I can leave it unconnected. So can I do away with both the resister and cap (R1, and C1) in this schematic?

...what about a 0.1 uF decoupling CAP? It would be fine (a good idea) to put one of them close to this chip?

Active-Low Interrupt or Square-Wave Output. This open-drain pin requires an external pullup resistor. It can be left open if not used. This multifunction pin is determined by the state of the INTCN bit in the Control Register (0Eh). When INTCN is set to logic 0, this pin outputs a square wave and its frequency is determined by RS2 and RS1 bits. When INTCN is set to logic 1, then a match between the timekeeping registers and either of the alarm registers activates the INT/SQW pin (if the alarm is enabled). Because the INTCN bit is set to logic 1 when power is first applied, the pin defaults to an interrupt output with alarms disabled. The pullup voltage can be up to 5.5V, regardless of the voltage on VCC. If not used, this pin can be left unconnected.

The resistor would appear to be a pullup for the INT pin, so I agree that can be eliminated if the INT pin is not needed. Yes a 0.1µF decoupling cap is a great idea, and I would assume that's what the cap on Sparkfun's schematic is (since it's from Vcc to GND), but the value makes me wonder. 22pF would not make much of a decoupling cap. Maybe that's a typo.

So I think you have the right idea, forget the resistor and add a 0.1µF decoupling cap.