using the ft232rl-chip on the board for an extern microcontroller

I usually program PIC-microcontrollers …
but since the very cheap uart-usb-board I’ve used for experimenting destroyed itself, I need a replacement and I don’t want to wait until a better uart-usb board arrives.

That’s why I’ve pulled out my “arduino duemilanove”.
I have tried to make a bridge between the SPI and the UART interface.
That worked, but it doesn’t get faster than ~ 260k baud (I need at least 500k baud).

How do I have to wire the RX/TX-pins up, so that my extern microcontroller sends data directly to that chip?
Is it possible to bypass the atmega168 and to directly communicate with the ft232rl chip (=do I have to disable the atmega somehow)?

Hold the Reset line Low, that kicks the Atmega off the Rx/T lines, gives you unfettered access to the USB's Rx/Tx. I just bought an FTDI module from (, arrived pretty quick, pretty inexpensive.

Thanks, putting 4.8kO between GND and Reset works just fine.

... oddwires is in the USA, I'm in Germany =)


You could update your profile to show Germany, will help on future parts source suggestions.