Using the make-it robotics starter kit with parallax ultrasonic range sensor

A newbie here. I have the radioshack make-it robotics starter kit, and I want to add a ultrasonic range sensor and program it to basically wander around until it get a few inches from an obstacle, then turn left or right and keep going. Anyone done this? I'm not sure where to connect it to the robotics shield and how to program it, I don't see any commands available with the library they have.

You'll need to provide links to that: not everyone has the same box of toys 8)

You'll need to provide links to that: not everyone has the same box of toys 8)

Oops, ok.

Here's links to the make-it robotics starter kit description and downloads for the libraries. Also a link for the ultrasonic range sensor library and examples.

Hi Lewisdw,
That radioshack link don’t tell me a lot about the bot you have (Other then it’s over priced), or how it’s connected to the arduino!! I have used a few pre-built chassis, but never a complete kit, better doing it yourself, if you want to learn anything, don’t worry about making mistakes, we all do it…

But it’s fairly simple buy a standard 4 or 5 pin U/S sensor mount it on the bot and/or servo and wire it in, what Arduino pins are available on the bot or shield? most U/S sensors need 5v, Gnd, Ping(out) and Ecko(in). There’s lots of code on the forum and REF site to get you going. But basicly you send out a ping and wait for the ecko to come back the time taken to do so = distance, you can then take action to avoid the object.

Don’t pay that price for the Radioshack U/S it’s way over priced, and only has one signal pin, meaning it’s both IN and OUT, lots of function changing… Something costing $2-3 from China (Via eBay) works fine, I find.

If the sensor is fixed on the bot, the bot itself will have to turn left take a reading, turn right take another reading, compare the 2 and go for the longest distance. If on a servo then only the servo needs to look left and right. Or do a slight turn to avoid hitting object.



PS I have built a few bots see under electronics