Using the "Open" menu: scrolling?

It would be very useful to have a scroll ability when opening sketches with the "Up arrow" open button. When you have a lot of libraries and saved sketches the lower examples and sketches can be inaccessible from the open menu as it runs off the screen.

I've actually encountered the same problem when coding on my netbook. A scroll would be good. JScrollPane anyone?

I have the same problem with the examples menu for libraries. On a 1280x1024 screen it used not to fit on (I have removed some old libraries now) but yeah a scroll is needed.

Not sure how many more versions of this IDE we'll have before 1.0 so we'll have to see what gets implemented before then.


This is supposedly (according to the Processing folks) a Java bug, but if you have a fix, that would be great. Version 1.0 won’t be affecting this kind of thing.