Using the portenta H7 for live video processing

Good afternoon, I was wondering if it is possible to use the new Arduino portenta H7 along with MicroPython for live video processing. I would need to connect it to two 720p 30fps camera modules and a display in order to perform some visual processing experiments that might involve some light deep learning techniques. In addition, I would need it to have more storage than the onboard one, approx 4gb. Is it easy to connect an external memory? Is the board powerful enough to perform such live tasks? Are there easy-to-use standard components that you might recommend? I have used the arduino one before but I am not an expert and I am aware that my question might be a bit vague so feel free to ask for more details. Many thanks

My crystal ball says: Go for a PC with a powerful graphics card and software if you want to process more than a frame every other minute.

Ah ok I see, I considered the computer option but I was looking for something portable and a bit less expensive. Is there maybe a way to establish a connection through the wifi module to a cloud platform running a python script and processing the images? In this scenario the arduino controller should only collect the data from the cameras, send it to the server, get the results back and display them live on a display. Could this be feasible by any chance?

Depends on the data rate of multiple(?) camera data streams. The Arduino must transfer that amount of data to an equally fast wireless connection. Video data usually are transferred by DMA, not by code. Also processing in Python will be a horrible bottleneck. Did you ever try to only pass through a video stream by Python code?