using the serial terminal

I successfully dumped data from a serial EEPROM to the terminal.. all OK up to this point.. then i highlighted the data part i wanted to copy/paste to a file so i could import it to another program... NOPE... right click-- theres no copy/paste.. thers not even a right click in the terminal.. this is my first time using the built in terminal.. any help greatly appreciated..

Use another terminal like Putty.

The serial monitor terminal is terrible on every metric except that it gets out of the way automatically when you upload code.

For any serious application, use a real serial terminal. I usually use hTerm, though that one is overkill if your main priority is just copy/pasting text from the terminal.

OK thankyou both.. i'll try another running ubuntu.thanks

Instead of right click, try good old control-c

WORKED!! thankyou