using the servo library to run steppers through L298n

I have a bipolar stepper motor that I want to use to produce a radar type sweep of 120 degrees. It is cogged so the motor actually travels about 240 degrees back and forth.
I am using the adafruit mshield and with interleave and microstep I am getting a good signal and smooth turning.
I want to try to do it with a L298N unit like this one

The only sketches I can find that use the servo library with interleave and microstep are for the mshield and don’t show how to allocate pins. Can this be done with the servo library so I could run the stepper direct?

Now I look at it the afstepper instruction is coming from the afmotor.h?

No, the Servo library is not going to do anything useful with a stepper.

Perhaps the Stepper or AccelStepper libraries?

Its not the servo library its the afmotor library.

I can't find any instructions like the interleave, which makes my motor run smoother in either the stepper or accelstepper libraries? Are there equivalents? One of the things I am asking is can the afstepper be used direct with a stepper motor (or via the l298n as below) all the examples show it in use with the mshield. AF_Stepper stepper(24, 2); works but AF_Stepper stepper(100, 2, 3, 4, 5); doesn't.

Why not use a specialized stepper driver such as a Pololu A4988 (though I do not know if it is suitable for your motor).

Post a link to the datasheet for your motor.

The specialized stepper drivers have microstepping built in.

Have a look at Stepper Motor Basics and this Simple Stepper Program