Using the Servo library with the Adafruit servo shield.

I have a servo shield from Adafruit, but the library for it doesn't work all that well, or isn't easy to work with what I wanna do. I only have 4 servos to work with, which I realize I could've just used a custom PCB to connect them up. Since I have the shield, I will try to use it. Otherwise, I will just go the PCB route if suggested to do so.

Is it possible to completely ignore the Adafruit servo shield library, and use the official Servo library instead? What I am thinking, is using the shield as a way to power the servos, and an easy way to connect them.

What is it that you want to do that the shield library does not do?

No, as things are wired up, you cannot use the standard library with the adafruit shield. If you wanted to use the shield for servo power and the arduino to drive the servos, you could connect the servo signal to the appropriate pins on the arduino.

But for the bigger picture, tell us what you are trying to do.