Using the TX/RX leds

Has anyone tried(or succeded) in making the TX/RX leds blink when using any communication protocol (Serial,SPI,I2C etc...) I've seen Stimmer's work,,143871.0.html inserting the lines that made the leds blink but it didn't worked... Anyone has a clue?

This RX/TX Led's are connected to that Hardware Uart of the Due that links and programmes its uC, so in order to make those RX/TX Led's work you have to simply do HIGH on that respective hardware UART of the DUE.

nope, they are not, they work as digitalpins and are indepentend of everything else.

Hi Pat,

My Due arrived today :D.

I Wont rant too much about how rubbish I think it is that you need to push the reset button every time you want to do something..... Since I am migrating from a MEGA2560, this seems like a poor 'bodge'. On the mega, if I wanted to run a sketch a few times, opening and closing serial monitor was sufficient.....

I Digress... Ok. I looked at the schematic, and I see that as you say, 1 set of RX/TX Leds are indeed just wired to pins 72/73 :-

TXL = PA21 = Digital Pin 73 RXL = PC30 = Digital Pin 72

However, the other set of TX/RX Leds are connected to the ATMEGA16U2.

TXL = PD5 = Pin 11 RXL = PD4 = Pin 10

These are obviously supposed to do something when the programming port is in use, mine do not.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I have a similar question:

What sketch code and functions do I invoke that will exercise the LED lights wired to TXL=PA21 and RXL=PC30 on the Due board?

These are a second pair of TX/RX lights that are between the two USB ports.

The first pair of TX/RX lights are between the power jack and the programming Serial port - and those blink whenever there is data being transferred on the programming port, just as one would expect.

However the second pair DO NOT blink when transferring data on the native SerialUSB port.