Using the USART0 peripheral?

Hello all, I am currently taking a class in programing and we are working with the arduino. For some reason I have to take this class at school before I can get into an actual programming class where I learn languages. I have been doing good so far until this project where I am just completely stuck. Here is the assignment. and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been working on it for multiple hours and have not gotten anywhere please help.

This program will make use of the USART0 peripheral. Con gure the USART0 port to receive and transmit data with 8-bits data, 1 stop bit and no parity at 115200 bps using only interrupts. Your program will process the received data as commands. The supported commands are listed below. Process each input command and execute the associated action. Con gure PC0, PC1 and PC2 as GPIO output pins and connect a LED to each (and current limiting resistor) in order to observe your program working. When the Rabcd command is received read address 0xabcd from memory and transmit the value using USART0. All unsupported or incomplete commands will be ignored. Command in ASCII format Action Comment PC0=0 Set pin PC0 low Update PC0 pin value PC0=1 Set pin PC0 high Update PC0 pin value PC1=0 Set pin PC1 low Update PC1 pin value PC1=1 Set pin PC1 high Update PC1 pin value PC2=0 Set pin PC2 low Update PC2 pin value PC2=1 Set pin PC2 high Update PC2 pin value Rabcd Read RAM at address 0xabcd Read memory and output value

Thanks in advance

considering everything described is hidden by the arduino libraries it sounds like your teacher wants you to move on into more advanced microcontroller structure

for the ports

for the usart, google, its not “that” hard, just looks like a foreign language