Using the USB hist shield.

I am trying to get my USB hoist shield to work on my Arduino Uno and have not succeeded.
I have two different joy sticks and a USB mouse. I plugged my shield into my Arduino uno and loaded a few examples. They seemed to start, that is I get a message "start" or something similar but when I move my joystick or mouse nothing happens.

Has any of you actually used a USB shield with a joystick or mouse and got it to do something? Maybe I do not know what to expect.

I would expect that moving the joysticks or pressing the buttons would result in some sort of message on my serial monitor. I am using the latest. I think>? USB Host shield 2.0-master that was loaded when I loaded my arduino 1.8.5 version.

Are there some pins or other connections I should be aware of?

Thanks for any help.

A USB keyboard with the USBHIDBootKbd example works fine. The Arduino USB Host shield and the circuits@home shield both work out of the box. I had problems using clone shields but did get them to work.

The SparkFun shield may need some changes but I do not have one. Google for details if you have one.

Hey, thanks a lot. I loaded an example called USBHIDKbdAndMouse and the keyboard works. I tried a wireless kb and mouse that used a dongle to work both and the mouse worked but the kb did not, I have tried three other mice and none work.

I guess this test says the hardware and shield seem to work but the SW doesn't seem to recognize all of the usb devices.

Now i have something to work on.