Using the values from an Arduino ADXL345 in my code

I am using an ADXL345 sensor and a relay and need to do and if/else statement. Is it possible to have the code read the values of the sensor while it is being used then have:
if:() acceleration stays below this value keep relay on else:()acceleration goes above specific value turn relay off
Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Of course it is. What have you tried ?

I have the library that will let me see what the accelerometer is experiencing but I am not sure what the next step is to incorporate these values into an if statement. I have not tried as I am still new to the code writing. Thank you for your response, and any further help would be greatly appreciated.

Suppose the value read from the sensor is in a variable named accelValue and the threshold value is in a variable named threshold, then the if statement is simplicity itself

if accelrValue < threshold)
  //code here to turn on the relay
  //code here to turn off the relay

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