Using the winavr tools inside Arduino dist

In theory, an arduino install for Windows or Mac includes a complete avr-gcc toolset ("winavr" on Windows.) And in theory if you want to write bare avr-gcc code (or do something like, say, recompile optiboot) you can use the toolset included with an arduino install rather than having to install another copy of winavr separately.

This works nicely for me on Mac, but I have the Mac developer tools installed as well, and who knows which version of "make" and etc I'm really running.

On windows, though, "ld" is crashing (actually CRASHING - pops up a "send problem report to Microsoft" window) on me, when I try to "make atmega328" in the optiboot dir. Is anyone else having this problem ? I am running WXP under virtual Box on the Mac, so it's not exactly a typical system...