using the Wire.h library in an Atmel (not Arduino) design

Hello everyone - I am new to Arduino and Atmel. I am looking at using I2C in a new project, and it's not really an Arduino project, although I may use an Arduino kit to help debug, not sure. I am wondering if there is any reason not to use the various "arduino" libraries for a general purpose embedded Atmel application. Specifically the wire.h library seems to really clean up all the code needed to create an I2C interface. Are these libraries available for download somewhere, or are they only available as part of an Arduino kit? Is there any licensing to be worried about, when using the libraries in a non-Arduino application? Thanks in advance - Dan

If you download the Arduino software, the source code of the libraries can be found if you explore the folders. For example the "Wire.cpp" for I2C is in: hardware/arduino/avr/libraries/Wire The license is at the top of every file. It is the "GNU Lesser General Public License". If you meet the requirements you can use the code.

However, using some library code without the Arduino environment might be useless. The libraries depend on each other. And the Arduino IDE contains the examples, the sketches, and my options for different avr chips.