Using this Arduino Uno Code with Arduino Nano with Atmega 328.

Hi guys, recently I have ordered a Arduino Nano(Atmega328P) from and have been searching tutorials and information about it.
Recently I got to know that Arduino Uno and Arduino Nano are same, except for size, power usage, more analog pins in Nano.

I got a tutorial from here
and was not able to do it.
Can anyone please modify this code for Arduino Nano using L298N Motor Driver Board on a 4WD chassis and specify me the pins used. I want a 4WD car with LED Lights and Horn.

Attaching code in txt file.

Or ultimately tell a new tutorial with arduino Nano 4WD car Bluetooth

FJMQYJZI49RNB7B.txt (6.27 KB)

Nothing in that code seems to be Uno specific.

What happened when you tried to use it with a Nano, assuming, of course, that you wired the motor board to the correct pins ?

I want to use that script on a 4x4 chassis, can you modify it please for me, because the motors in the script are for 1 back(main) & 1front(steering) and I got 4 motors with chassis.


What!!!!!! I'll have to pay to get this script?
I thought that help was free here.

This isn't a free script writing service. We help with specific problems.

What!!!!!! I'll have to pay to get this script?
I thought that help was free here.

It would be easier to provide help if the thread title was correct.

You don't have a problem with using code written for a Uno on a Nano at all. You have a problem adapting the code to use completely different hardware.

As has been said, this part of the forum is designed to provide help for people with programming problems. That help is provided free but the assumption is that the person with the problem has made some attempt to write the code themselves or amend existing code. Have you done that ?