Using This RF Remote to control RGB Ribbon

Has anyone had any luck using these styles of RF remotes controlling RGB leds with Arduino?

I like the layout with a few basic color options, but I want to program some more advanced modes.

Also would like to use this remote with WS2812 RGB Projects.


Hi, its not clear what you mean. Do you want to use an Arduino to send rf signals to those controller modules? Or do you want an Arduino to receive the rf signals from one of those remotes?

Either way, unless someone has already done this and can give example code and circuits, I would say this could be a very difficult project. You would need to find compatible rf transmitter/receiver modules and work out the encoding used, which might require use of expensive rf signal analyser equipment, and a high level of knowledge of such things.

If you want to control rgb strips with an Arduino and control the Arduino with a remote, it would be much more straight forward to use the ir remote kits that are commonly available for Arduino.