Using Time.Alarms to trigger an event every 10 minutes on a particular minute

Just working on a quick logging project and would like to trigger the logging event every ten minutes.

I did this successfully with a bit of a messy IF statement but thought there should be a way to do it with Time.Alarms function.

Its easy enough to create a recurring alarm event every 600 seconds...but that's always 600 seconds from the time the device is turned on, not on 0, 10, 20, 30 ,40 50 minutes as I would like it to be.

I've read the library page a few times in case I was missing some type of qualifier that I can use to set the interval to repeat on a particular minute but I cant see anything.

Is what I am trying to do with Time.Alarms possible?



I don't use time library but if you can get the minutes time then something like

    if ((m % 10) == 0){

Where m is minutes, will be true every 10 minutes starting at zero minutes.

How about using an alarmOnce alarm, triggered at a time set by you, to set up a timerRepeat with a 10 minute period ?