Using Timer 0 and Timer 1 in synchronization and with interrupts

I have been working on Space Vector Pulse width modulation for 3 phase 2 level inverter using Arduino UNO.

1.I need the two timers - Timer 0 and Timer 1 to work in synchronization.

2.Both timers should support interrupts.

Right now i am able to use Timer 1 as desired but when i try to run both timers neither works...i dunno where i am going wrong...Suggestions are welcome...Thank you

Publishing sample code will help to get answer.

You cannot run both interrupts at the same moment. When one interrupt is executed, second could not start until finish execution in the first. That means, the code inside interrupts must be the shortest and the fasted possible and further tasks (processing collected data inside interrupt, etc) should be done in the main loop.

am also having trouble in implementing svpwm??can someone help??

The timers are run off the same clock source so they can't help being synchronised. What exactly do you mean?