using timer.h

Hallo.... can anybody help me ?? i'd try to control a servo via PWM with 16 Bit TIMER1, but it's not possible to use any functions from the timer.c / timer.h

my code :

include "timer.h"

define PWM1A 9

define PWM1B 10

define DEBUG

// Program variables int serv1,serv2;

void setup() { serv1=31; serv2=93; pinMode(PWM1A, OUTPUT); // sets the pins as output pinMode(PWM1B, OUTPUT);

// how to use these functions from timer.c ??????? timer1PWMInit(10); timer1SetPrescaler(TIMER_CLK_DIV256);


// Main program void loop() {

analogWrite(PWM1A,serv1 ); analogWrite(PWM1B,serv2 );



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