Using Timer2 on Arduino Uno to Blink an LED

Hey all!
I want to use an Arduino Uno to blink multiple LEDs, one withTimer2, one with Timer1, and one with Timer0.

This is my code so far. Timer1 is working fine and I am able to blink the LED which is connected to pin 9.

Timer2 however doesn't seem to be giving any sort of output. It compiles fine, but my LED which is connected to pin 11 (OC2A) doesn't seem to be giving any output.

void setup() {
  TCCR1A = 0;
  TCCR1B = 0;
  bitSet(TCCR1B, CS11);  // 256 prescaler
  OCR1A = 62500;
  bitSet(TCCR1A, COM1A0); // Toggle pin OC1A (9)
  pinMode(9, OUTPUT);

TCCR2A= 0;
TCCR2B= 0;
 bitSet(TCCR2B, CS21);  //256 prescaler
 bitSet(TCCR2B, WGM21); // ctC mode
  bitSet(TCCR2A, COM2A0); //toggle pin OC2A (11)
 pinMode(11, OUTPUT);
void loop() {

Any ideas on what could be going on?

Check your wiring and LED and your setup on Timer2 (output compare register setting?)

Run as-is on my Uno, your code generates a 3.9kHz square wave on pin 11 and a 15.2Hz square wave on pin 9.

That seemed to be the issue, thanks!

Seems to be working now. I fiddled with some wires and it seems to be working, I'm getting a signal for Timer0 and Timer 2 now.

The Timer2 and Timer0 leds do not appear to be flashing for some reason, I guess that because Timer2 and Timer0 are only 8 bit counters, I would not really be able to see the 3.9 Khz toggling with the naked eye.

Is WGM21 a bit in the TCCR2B register ?