Using TLC5917 in conjunction with Arudino to drive Leds.

Hello guys. Does anyone here have an experience how to use said TLC5917 (8 channel constant current led sink driver) with arduino ? I can't seem to find any info at all of those two used together. I've read the datasheet but don't understand how it works (mech. eng. major here :) ).

There are 4 inputs from controller ,SDI,CLK,LE and OE,but what on earth should I do with them ? All I want is to count frequency using arduino,and ignite leds that are proportional to the frequency (16 leds,I have 2 of those TLC5917).

Thanks in advance.

The TLC5917 isn't unique in its control - for the most part it's just a standard "shift register". There's a tutorial for the 74HC595 or a web search will provide plenty of examples.

How the TLC5917 differs from the 74HC595 is that the 74HC595 sources current while the TLC5917 sinks current (the outputs allow current to flow to ground). To connect the LEDs you need to turn the LEDs around and provide all of them with VCC instead of GND.