Using TSL1401 - TSL1402 with Arduino MEGA-DUE for reading Gas/Water Meters

Hello everyone,

These are days that I try to understand what is the limit of the linear CCD sensors like TSL1401 + Lens or TSL1402 that is presented in this Playground

My goal would be to read the cubic meters passing in old gas meters or water, unwary of contacts that generate a pulse or LED lights that flash.

Who develops with robots has certainly used these parts and I could tell how far I can retrieve the information useful.

Surely the fundamental problems remain the lighting and focus ...:disappointed_relieved:

I bought from Mouser, the two sensors without lenses and I should start doing the tests as soon as Fedex me take them home.

Here are two photos I took on the counters I have here at home in France, the first is a Gas and the second is the Water:

My goal is not read exactly the characters of the red zone via a post treatment with a type Tesseract OCR.

But check the simple passage of the horizontal cleats white or maybe the rotation of the needle that I highlighted in blue.

What I want is to read the least significant digit to also detect the flow "snapshot".

The total is written in the memory at the time of installation, then sometimes we will verify if the count is right ..:grin:

For more computing power I ordered an Arduino Due, unfortunately many examples work for Mega 2560 but not for this processor.
I hope I can count on your help.

I trust in your advice,


Merry Christmas to all,
Santa "Mouser" Klaus brought me gifts! :grin:

The first tests I make them with a Mega2560 then go on to Arduino DUE.