using turnigy 9x 9 ch 2.4ghz tx, module and 8 ch rx (v2 firmware) with arduino

Hi, i'm doing a project on quadcopter. i wanted to ask about the feasibility of turnigy 9x with arduino mega 2650.. if they are compatible then how to connect them ??

Should get you started

Duane B

Thanx for ur i'm new to this area so i don't know much but i'm learning along..i'm using arduino mega 2650 can u guide me in it

How do you intend to power the receiver ?

Duane B

i'm building a quadcopter so battery will supply power to the circuitry i.e., arduino,motors,esc also receiver

Do you have the battery already, if so how many volts is it ?

Duane B

ya the battery is 11.1v

can u also recommend me an IMU and also a suitable battery ? is level converter must be used between arduino and IMU ?

Hi, I don't have any experience with IMU's but you can find a lot of help over at DIY Drones

Duane B

I have a Sparkfun 6DOF which is supported by all quadcopter softwares and dosnt require any special trick to make it work. If you are looking for cheap stuff go to ebay's chinese sellers. But buy original ;) I am also building a quadcopter.

ya the battery is 11.1v

nice, a 3s lipo by the looks of it :)

do you want to consider powering your arduino and your motors with separate batteries? Just more juice so your thing won't suddenly drop out of the sky when the batteries run out! Also MCUs tend to do funny things when underpowered, so possibly a safety issue here (quadcopter = four high speed blades spinning = trouble!). Using another battery for your arduino could solve this problem, as with a central battery, you probably want to fly your toy till the batteries die, right? If your MCU shares this power and isn't getting enough once the four thirsty motors suck it all up, you could end up with a messy situation! However, if you give your MCU ample power by having a 2s 2500mAh lipo, for example, then your motors would drain their battery long before your arduino drains its. Worst case scenario, your quadcopter breaks. No ugly situations where it flies into someone! Just remember to charge BOTH batteries when you take it home though :P

Nothing like this gonna happen chill. But you need to take certain precautions of power distribution. I suggest a 3000Mah+ 3S battery which will power the arduino after converting to low voltage.

Nothing like this gonna happen chill

I have had a runaway r/c heli and it is scary as hell :cold_sweat:

Of course, not likely to happen, but just something to think about when working with sharp things spinning at 1000s of RPM!

Haha. yup you right.