Using two HC-05s to wirelessly turn on an LED

Hi! I’m pretty new to arduino and I’m working on my first bigger project in baby steps, and right now I am trying to simply connect my master HC-05 to a button to activate it, and turn on an LED on the slave module when the button is pressed. I have my HC-05s paired, and they are flashing the synchronized lights so I know I did that correctly. I don’t understand what I actually need to do to link the button as input on the first module to the LED on the slave module. Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!

This is an Arduino forum. It appears that you are trying to do this without Arduinos. I believe this is possible, but you will need to dive deeply into the HC-05 data. You will find the HC-05 has a swag of i/o pins that are not normally used. More to the point, they are not normally connected to anything either, so it will be down to you to provide an additional wire or two.

I wouldn't put too much store in the synchronised flashing but, so long as neither are signalling AT mode, or fast "ready to connect", they probably are connected.

All this would appear to be a pretty pointless exercise and not worth the effort. You already have a visual indication that they are connected, and you can probably think of something more useful than this.