Using two HMC5883L or QMC5883

So I am new here and I hope I don't break the rules.
I am trying to make a current sensing device that can track current flow on a pcb. I was thinking if I took two of these sensors and stacked them on top of each other, I could use the top one to cancel out the ambient readings (not using the z axis readings) leaving just what the bottom sensor picks up from the board. To do this I would need two different i2c address, I think. Is there a way to do this or is there a better sensor to use? I am also thinking that the HMC and QMC parts are not close enough in sensitivity to use one of each but it would be cool.

it looks like a current sensing device for an Arduino thingy

Thank You for your response. I obviously didn't explain very well. I am a electronic tech for 40 years, one of the hardest thing to deal with is the shorted power rails on a pcb. (this is not a professional endeavor, I just have a lot of time on my hands some days) The standard way to deal with it is to connect a current source up to crank up the amps until something gets hot. The older boards it worked fairly well but I don't like doing to newer boards, and it never seems to work that well. I am thinking if I can follow 1 amp of current to the bad component? Maybe, I don't know but thats what I am trying to do. I am thinking of something like a sensor at the end of a straw that can be held at 90 degrees to the board and be move along the board following the highest reading.
The QMC5883 responds to 1 amp flowing in a jumper wire using the raw data and direction of current is even easy to see, when the sensor is stationary and the wire is moved. Its really hard to see it if the sensor is whats moving in trying to cancel out all the other inputs including the earths. If there were two sensors, one being mounted above the other by a little but hopefully enough I could subtract one set of readings from the other and just be left with enough of the 1 amp reading to follow it. I don't know how well it will work if at all, but it sure would be easier to try if these sensors had settable addresses.
I really have not done much with Arduino in the past but I have done a lot with Atmel going back as far as the 8051, this just seem like a perfect Arduino application. Is there a similar sensor as QMC5883 that has settable addresses or other solution to this problem I am just not aware of?
Again Thanks !

i think here is you solution:
TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer

I'm using two MMC5883 for my imu.
And two adxl355 and gyro.
I'm working with it and it works fine.

Thanks henry!
Looks like that is exactly what I need, ordered one today . I'll have wait tell Monday to start playing with it. Sure seems like any i2c sensor module should have a way to set the address, but this should work. Like I said I have not worked Arduino that much, is there an place to find out what sensors are available?

No problem!Shoreline!

Normally any i2c sensor's address is already been set up.
Some of it can change address by writing registers or wiring.
For example in mpu6050.If you connect AD0 to high .
You will change address to 0x69 from 0x68.

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