Using two PlayStation2 gamepads with Arduino

Hi guys :) recently I started develop this project (a sort of PS2 pad to Keyboard keys hardware "mapper"):

PSx to Keyboard

Are you crazy?? There're software solution to do this (eg. XPadder)

Yep, that's right and I used XPadder with a PS2toUSB converter too.

But recently I bought SteamLink ( and it does not support this adapter. In addiction to this, games without support to gamepad will not work (SteamLink is a simple streaming interface, not a PC, so I cannot instal XPadder or similar).

To solve my problem I made a simple sketch which read PS2 gamepad inputs and convert them into a keycodes (A, ESC, CTRL,etc.). These keycodes are sent through ATmega 8u2 configured as USB HID Keyboard, so it can be recognized easily without drivers.

Now I want to add support for 2 gamepads, but I need to keep used pins count as lower as possible. Searching on Google I found PSx gamepad use a BUS, and the ATT line is used to get "ATTention" of a pad. Does it means the CMD and CLOCK lines of the two pads could be connected togheter? (i will save 2 pins). Instead the ATT and DATA should be separated, right?

Is there anyone worked with PlayStation gamepad who can help me?