Using two RGB LED Strips - how to power them?


I have two RGB LED strips. With one, I am able to power it, and run different code using the Pololu library, so there’s no issue with it working properly with Arduino.

My question is this - instead of soldering the second one to the first, and essentially doubling the length and having ONE led strip, I am wondering if I can use the two independently of eachother.

I have the wall power supply and USB power supply, but am only using the VIN on Arduino to power the LED strips. If I connected the two strips to one breadboard in the following manner, will anything bad happen, or will it work properly? I’m thinking that I won’t be getting enough power to the two strips, and need _____ to help facilitate that.

The attachment is my Fritzing sketch.

Essentially, I am powering the two strips via the same “row” on the breadboard, with that row connected to the VIN ‘socket’ on the Arduino. I have both grounds going to ground, and then each LED Strip will go to pin 12 and the other to pin 13.

Will this work? Have I given enough info. or been clear enough in describing this for you to tell? My instinct is telling me this won’t work like I want to - I’ll need a transistor/capacitor/something to keep the power even.

Does this make sense? Thanks so much for any help or advice!

Edit: Ok, I went ahead and tried to see what would happen if I used it like I outlined. One of the RGB LED strips works as expected - the other though stays off. The one that works is the one with its POWER line closer to the VIN power jump. I then tried plugging the VIN power to the ‘main’ power strip on the breadboard (instead of directly into a row), and then plug the two power lines from the RGB strips into that main power column, but that didn’t work - both stayed off.