using two ultrasonic sensors to control one light

I am making an art piece that has an led in it and it needs to be triggered by 2 ultra sonic sensors on either side of it. I am using a standard ultra sonic sensor that has a vcc pin, a trigger pin, a echo pin, and a ground pin. I have no clue how to make a program that uses these sensors. I just need 2 ultra sonic sensors that can be set at a certain distance to be triggered so that they can turn on a light inside of my piece. Both sensors do NOT have to be on at the same time to trigger it. Please help.

I need some sort of source code for the Hc-sr04 module which is the ultrasonic sensor

How much research have you done?

A simple search for "ultrasonic" in the search box above returns more than enough information to answer your question.

When you have done your own research and have problems, ask for help.