using uno and want to drive servo and dual H bridge

I have been trying to get the program to work using the " #include <Servo.h>" and then try to send an analog pwm value on another pin and it will not work. I can change the code back to DIgital write and it works fine but will not let me use an analogWrite command. It compiles but just will not run. any ideas?

What code? The servo library uses one of the timers, so it disables PWM on two of the pins. Which pins are you trying to PWM on?

I think I have used 5 6 and 9 but I have been trying to figure this one out for two days now. Thanks for the heads up I will try other pwm pins!

Delta G THANKS!!! have been fighting this for two days and about to go a totally different way. I used pin 3 and It works! I knew the code was right but still was doubting it.

Thanks AGAIN!!!