Using Uno as ISP for Arduino bootloader for AVR chips

This article is fantastic:

However it states in bold that the techniques mentioned do not work for the Uno. Where can I find a procedure much like this where the UNO can be used as the ISP? Why won't the procedure in the article work if an UNO is used?

Read this...


Thank you so much for referencing this Tutorial.

I successfully followed the procedure to have an UNO R3 burn Optiboot onto an Adafruit Boarduino which came with the bootloader for a Duemilanova with Atmega 328. I did this because I wanted to run my UNO programs without having to remember to select a different board when uploading

The only confusion I had was in Step 7 where the actual order of selection was Tools>Programmer>Arduino as ISP, and after this was selected, I ran the Tools> Burn Bootloader command.