Using Uno to control a 5V non addressable led strip

So I bought a two meter led strip with 7,2W/m and 30 led/m, so for 2 meters(60 leds) I need 14,4W. I also bought an adapter with output voltage 3-12V, max output current 1500mA and max load 18W. Will the adapter provide sufficient current for the project and what other components (I read about some 12V led strip projects where you need logic level MOSFETS) to make this work?

Led Strip :είδος/avide-led-strip-light-kit-usb-rgb-72w-ip65-2m/?skr_prm=WyJhYTI2OWQ3NS0zZGJhLTRkZTctODE4My1iMGU2Y2YyMjkzYTUiLDE2MjU2MDI3MTIzNTEseyJhcHBfdHlwZSI6IndlYiIsImNwIjoiZiIsInRhZ3MiOiJhZC1hIn1d

Adapter :Ο | Προϊόντα Τεχνολογίας με Ένα Κλίκ

a link to the strip would help
a link to the adapter would help

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I would guess 12V strip, 20mA per led (12 x 0,02 x 30 = 7.2W). Are you sure it's 5V ?

for 2m you need 14.4W under 12V which is 1200mA (60 leds x 20mA) so seems you are within the specs of your adapter but without info, we are in the wild guess territory

if you plan to drive it from an Arduino, yes you need a way to turn it on and off a logic level MOSFET would do.

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At 5V, 14.4W is 2.88A (2880 mA) so your 1500 mA max power supply will not be enough. You should get a 5V supply capable of 3.5A or more.

Mosfets ideally, but power transistors do the trick as well.

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