Using UNO with H06 to Send data from Sensors to Laptop or Phone


I am making a project where someone influences sensors in a bag (load cells and accelerometers) and I want to use the UNO and a H06 slave to send the data the sensors pick up to a computer. How would I even begin to go about doing this? I am fairly new to using any software for that matter but so far what I do know is:

-How to connect the sensors in a breadboard to connect them into specific Arduino port #s
-That a code needs to be made and uploaded to the UNO
-That an exe file needs to be created on the computer in order to begin operating and reading the data that the bluetooth slave is sending.

I already have a working Bluetooth slave connected to the UNO, I just need to figure out how to get sensor data to send to my computer in a format that can be read in nearly real time.

Let me know if I am posting in the wrong forum or breaking any rules,

and thanks!

You are attempting a project several levels above where you are at currently. Start by taking several orders of complexity out of your project and simplifying it down to getting an UNO to successfully read a load cell and output a good value. Once you have done this, you can add each order of complexity one at a time until you are successful in the whole.

Here is a basic tutorial on load cells.

You can use Arduino's built in serial monitor to validate the data.

Good luck