Using Walkie Talkies as Remote Controllers

I have a set of COTRE Long Range Walkie Talkies that I no longer have any use for, and I was wondering if I could use the transmitters and receivers in this model to make a remote controller for a drone. The theoretical range of these radios is 32 miles, which is much better than any remote controller or transmitter that I have seen. Could there be a way to use the transmitters and receivers with an arduino? And if so what kind of code would be needed? If you need more information feel free to ask me for it. Thanks!

While it is technically possible to transmit data over an FRS radio link using for instance audio tones, it is almost certainly not legal to use the frequency for continuous data. Given the range of the radios and the number of users of FRS, there’s a pretty good chance you would eventually get called on this.

Moreover your data link would be susceptible interference from other users of the service which makes it a bad idea even ignoring legality.

You could get an amature licence and modify the walkie talkies as much as your licence would allow. This will keep you out of trouble.