Using webcam and arduino

I took my USB pc webcam and took out board. Is there anything I can do to be able to see video cam without a pc. Maybe on a screen or tv. Thanks

Arduino is not powerfull enough to do this. I has too little RAM, and it is not a USB host controller.

What else would I be able to use

Make an 8 X 8 video controller:-

@Grumpy_Mike would that work with a webcam, because the webcam is surely USB based and it therefore doesnt output analog video. Would be cool to use with a webcam or small analog camera though!

Otherwise Ntech if you want to interface to a USB Webcam its going to be quite hard because as was mentioned you need a USB host controller and nice processor. You might be better off getting a little single board computer or something that is more like a small PC and runs Linux

because the webcam is surely USB based

yes you would have to hack the webcam apart but you should be able to get to the right sort of signals.