Using Wemos D1 mini to control a vibrating motor disk

Hi everyone, first time posting here, so if you’re missing some information please let me know!
As stated, I’m trying to control a vibrating motor disk with a Wemos D1 mini, overview of my hardware;

On my motor shield I’ve soldered the motor to A1 and A2, as shown in my attached image. I also soldered I2C closed and connected 3v to Vm. Below the code I’m running; Serial motor shows that the motor should be on, however it does not respond. I also tried replacing the firmware of the motor shield like so, however, I get ‘failed to init device’ as a response.

I checked the voltage on the motor shield;
I only measure a voltage between Vm en ground, not between ground and A1 or A2. I get a voltage of 3 volt when I measure between 5v and A1 and A2. What am I missing here? Thx in advance!

#include "WEMOS_Motor.h"

Motor M1(0x30, _MOTOR_A, 1000);   

void setup() {


void startMotor() {
  digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, true);
  Serial.println("LED ON");
  M1.setmotor( _CW, 100);     
  Serial.println("Motor on");

void loop() {