Using Windows 7, Arduino Web Device manager Only lets me select Linux devices

I have been having problems getting my Nano 33 IOT’s connected to the cloud, or device manager for almost 2 weeks now. Either way, last night for whatever reason, when I tried went to the Arduino Web Device Manager page to try and get my nano’s added, it automatically went to the linux devices, and has continued to do so ever since. I don’t even have another option to select. If I click manage my devices, it goes to the linux manager. If I go to getting started, again only loads linux devices, same with the add new device…which half the time when I go to the dashboard page instead of seeing the 6 option boxes, I only see 5 and the add new device won’t even come up. So far today, I have completely uninstalled, deleted all residual files and reinstalled the create agent 3 different times. I also completely deleted my arduino IDE package and reinstalled it twice(not that the two are related, but I figured might as well since it totally stopped working). Any help or suggestions or guidance on how to get the webpage to recognize that I am using windows versus linux would be greatly appreciated. At this point I am so frustrated with these Nano’s, the cloud, and online editor, not working together I am seriously contemplating just returning them because they are not working or doing what I bought them for which was connecting to the cloud; and ever since I got them I have had nothing but problems…SO ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!! The attachment is just a screen print which shows the 5 boxes I see when I go to the dashboard.

Arduino Editor.pdf (1.11 MB)

Hi @cag5. Sorry for the confusion. The change to the getting started page now only being the "Manager for Linux" is an intentional change to organization of the Arduino Create website. So don't worry about it; it's nothing to do with your Create Agent or Arduino IDE installation.

The "Linux" in "Manager for Linux" isn't referring to the operating system on your computer. It's referring to a feature of Arduino Create that allows you to program Linux single board computers like the Raspberry Pi with Arduino sketches. You can use the Arduino "Manager for Linux" from computers running any operating system. However, since you're trying to use a Nano 33 IoT, the "Manager for Linux" is not of any use to you.

All the features are still there, they have just been made more user friendly. Just go to the Arduino IoT Cloud page:

At the top of the page, you'll see links that will allow you to create or manage Things, Dashboards, and Devices.