Using Wire.h (I2C) With Bean and Uno

Hi All,
I just got my Bean (LightBlue® Bean | Punch Through) yesterday and absolutely love it, but I'm looking to create a program that takes the serial input (wireless) from the Bean and transmits it using the Arduino's Wire.h library over I2c to my Uno. I connected A0 from the Bean to A5 on Uno and A1 on Bean to A5 on Uno as well as a the ground are connected to each other and when using this code, I can't seem to get it to work.

Bean Code - //i2c Master Code(BEAN)#include <Wire.h>void setup(){ Serial.begin(96 -

Uno Code - //i2c Slave Code(UNO)#include <Wire.h>void setup(){ Wire.begin(5); -

Please let me know what I'm doing wrong so I can have this up and running in no time!

Provide a link th the datasheet for this “bean” NOT to the sales bumpf. I like many others will NOT read code at pastbun or any other site, it’s here on this forum or not at all.

The bean to my mind is NOT Arduino compatible, my microwave also makes use a ATmel AVR chip, but that does not make it Arduino compatible.


Got it working, problem was that the Uno was running off of USB power, now with a 9V battery it works perfectly.