Using Wire Library for Interfacing a camera-module

Hi together,

i want to interface this camera-module with the arduino: I don't want to read out the pictures with the Arduino, just want to communicate via I²C and set up the camera, so it sends out its pictures. But now i'm a bit confused about how to adress the camera. The datasheet tells me the internal addresses of the registers, where i can set up the settings like frame rate etc... But don't i have to addrres the camera as a slave first? I am very confused on how to address an internal register of the cam with the Wire Library...

Thank you very much, Max

step 1: Google I2Cscanner Arduino and you will find an app to retrieve the device ID.

Hi robtillaart,

thanks for that! i scanned and found address 60, which corresponds quite well to the datasheet of the camera, saying 0b0111000 is the address! So, how can i go on? I now used the following code, but the return value is 3, which is "received NACK on transmit of data":

    Wire.send(0x03);                // sends one byte  
    Wire.send(0x00);                // sends one byte  
    Wire.endTransmission();      // stop transmitting

Cheers, Max

Now i also tried the i2cmaster-library of peter fleury, using this code:


void setup()
   byte ret = i2c_start(120);     // set device address and write mode
   ret = i2c_write(3);                        // write address = 5
   ret = i2c_rep_start(120);
   ret = i2c_write(0x00);                        // write address = 5
   ret = i2c_write(0x02);                        // write address = 5
   ret = i2c_write(0x00);                        // write address = 5

void loop()


And the message i receive is "010111", so that means the start-functions work and the write-functions don't?! How could that be?

the number 120 and 60 comes from the fact that the device number is seven bit and the Arduino wants to send eight. The trick used is to shift the device number one bit (effectively a factor 2)

i2cmaster-library of peter fleury

Don't know that one

yes, i already noticed that, so i guess the adressing of the slave-adress is no problem any more. But why does the sending of data do not work?! Could it be a hardware-problem?